The game is going good so far but all we kinda got done is the camera work... Ill start posting info and details once we get the first playable version out that can hit all the idea we have for it!

Where have I been???

2017-02-05 15:27:58 by XxARNOZIxX

Soo you guys know that Ive have not posted anything in a while, School has kinda been draging me a litttle bit. But that alone is not a good answer. the truth is that Ive been trying to post more on my youtube because I have about 21 Subs, Much more then here. I will try to keep posting because I do want my newgrounds to launch someday but YT is more of a now thing then Newgrounds I am working on a cool art project though with a little bit of music ;)

I am Kinda running out of ideas. So is there anything I could make for you guys? Like a certain game character?

I Found drawing and animation software all based around sprites!!! YAY!!! Soo I can't wait to do some animations and drawings with that! And it was about 12 dollars! So thats a plus :)

Suggestions for animation software under 20$??

2016-12-25 21:39:00 by XxARNOZIxX

So I am looking for animation software that is decent and will allow layers. Any Ideas? AND MERRY CHRISTMASS!!!



2016-12-18 20:56:25 by XxARNOZIxX

Soo this week I am getting a new computer!!!! YAYYY!!! 

But its coming like the statue of liberty did, "The parts for it are arriving one by one" But the computer is gonna be a great one!!! Its under 300$ and it should out perform the XboxOne, I should be able to do a little bit of overclocking as well! But thats not the reason why I posted this. I am here to say....Once the computer is all built Ill be doing more than art! Not going to say what it is exactly but you guys can speculate!!!


2016-12-03 19:57:13 by XxARNOZIxX

If anyone wants or needs someone to make sprites for them! I am glad to help for free! But It may take time depending on how big it is. I usualy perfer 16 bit sprites btw! 

~The Arnozi

Why I might not post Saturdays and sundays >->

2016-12-03 18:21:56 by XxARNOZIxX

Yes you guys heard it. I might not post saturdays and sundays! I guess you could say those are my break days. While making youtube videos everyother sat-sun ( which don't happen all the time >->) but however! I do have some updates as well for some upcoming art sooo stay tuned! 


SO I am creating some newgrounds art dedicated to some of the classic newgrounds characters! Like big dad! (I think thats what its called >-< ) And some other pixel art of other characters! and if you have anything I'd llike to draw I can do that! I might even record it and post it on youtube but I need to find music to include in it thats royalty free >-< (and figure out how to speed it up permanently)

~The Arnozi


2016-11-30 19:25:14 by XxARNOZIxX

Soo I just relized all my art is under illistration >-> soo Imma change that... sorry newgrounds! XD


Ill be honest I kinda don't like how my newgrounds is starting out ;w;

2016-11-30 00:00:47 by XxARNOZIxX

I don't really like how this is starting out... I need to figure out something to grab peoples atention at the moment, while creating good art >-> which is hard when I have school. Soo its kinda harsh when I have to post something almost every night around 9-11PM for a better chance of you know... then being woke up at 7:00AM.

(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ God damn it my body cannot run like this.   god nothing like complaining about my own mess....Oh well at least Its possible to deal with >->